Vincent Z, born in Aix-en-Provence (Southern France), is a well-traveled French “saltimbanque” (France, Italy, Greece, Serbia, Spain, Morocco, Canada, Mexico, The United States and Venezuela), singing, whistling and playing on the guitar traditional melodies and rhythms from around the world. Accomplished in many styles (Samba, Beguine, Rumba, Gypsy Swing, Soukous, and more), Vincent Z performs solo and with FLOR DE BEE and FOXYKOSHKA! He sings songs in English, French, French Creole, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Russian. The show is fun, entertaining, danceable and educational, and provides a cultural experience for all ages. Vincent Z always deliver a honest, generous and powerful performance.   Ballroom and social dancers welcome.

Sounds Like:
Imagine a crystal-clear wide-range voice and a nylon-string guitar, soft and powerful. Experience one of the widest varieties of joyful styles and rhythms you've heard in one live performance: Rumba, Blues, Ranchera, Swing, Ska and Samba; played Gypsy, Latin or Western style; and sang in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. Let yourself energized by a show extremely entertaining and very danceable, appreciated by people of all generations, coming from all social, ethnic, and national origins. 

"Smooth rhythms and poetic vocals" Flag Live
"Vincent Z is one of the best performers in Flagstaff" Drew Purcell

How can we Help?
we do weddings (with respect to your cultural/ethnic/language preferences), concerts ,singing phone-a-gram, singing telegrams, corporate events, school workshop, customer appreciation, funerals, musician workshop, recording, we play acoustic or amplified, we play for dancers (ballroom, social dance, choreographies, trance dance), and any idea you may come up with. 


Language Singing Workshop for Kids

Vincent Ziegelbaum, born in Aix-en-Provence (Southern France) is an accomplished singer and musician, nominated as faculty of the year at CCC, and the proud father of two bilingual children. Established in Flagstaff since 1994 after a well-traveled life, Vincent has been involved in teaching languages (French, Spanish and Italian) to all ages (BASIS, The Community School, FUSD, FALA, NPA, Pine Forest, CCC and NAU). His entertaining and educative approach was also developed in his show for kids known as Zig the Clown until 2005. For years in his integrative program (language and music, both fun and effective), Vincent has helped awaken the senses and phonic abilities of many kids, teaching them songs in French, Spanish and Italian with an excellent accent in these three languages. The result is, for the kids involved in the program, a lifetime enhanced ability to learn second languages, which is a strong asset in order to become accomplished world citizens in an increasing diverse cultural environment. It is also a way to honor personal origins, to develop cultural curiosity and open mindedness, as well as strengthening tonal and rhythmic skills.
All children, all voices are welcome in the workshop, thank you for allowing your child to share this experience!

Gypsy-Latin Guitar Rhythm Workshop

Participants will learn a variety of strumming patterns and techniques they can apply to a variety of popular music and jazz standards. A basic knowledge of chords will be helpful but not necessary. We'll be exploring the Swing, the Blues, the Samba, the Bossa Nova, the Rumba (Afro-Cuban and Gypsy), the Bolero and the Cha-cha-cha. We'll be learning rasgueados and percussive guitar techniques too.